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Poster: ridetheory Date: Jul 24, 2004 6:31am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: 64 Years Ago Today at the World's Fair (LONG POST)

Before I sign off completely on the subject of the 1939 World’s Fair, I thought it might be interesting to look back at what happened there exactly 64 years ago today. (Links to films in the Prelinger Archives, though some of them are not currently available for download.)

New York Times, Monday, July 24, 1939


Events scheduled on the official World’s Fair program for today follow:

9 A. M. – Gates open.

ALL DAY – American Association of University Women, New York Branch Day; Assembly and registration in hospitality headquarters, Home Furnishings Building; (1 P. M.) luncheon at National Advisory Committees Building; (4 P. M.) tea and reception at hospitality headquarters with Dr. Blanche Cotton Williams, Miss Fannie Hurst, Miss Agnes Rindge officiating.

10:30 A. M. – Reception at World’s Fair Boulevard Gate of official Utah party headed by Governor Gordon Weggeland, secretary to the Governor, Ernest S. Holmes; salute of nineteen guns; procession to Perylon Hall for signing of guest book; procession to Court of Peace for review of United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps units; (11:45 A. M.) call on Mayor LaGuardia at Summer City Hall; (12:30 P. M.) luncheon with Grover A. Whalen at Perylon Hall; (4:30 P. M.) reception for Utah party at Federal Building; (5:30 P. M.) parade, led by McKenzie Corps from Federal Building to Court of States; (7:00 P. M.) Utah State program, with addresses by Stuart Brandon, United States Senator William H. King, Senator Albert B. Thomas, C. P. Overfield and Governor Blood; reception by Governor at Utah exhibit; music by Mckenzie Corps and New York State combined chorus of 300 voices.

12:30 P. M. – Oranges and Maplewood day: Official luncheon at Perylon Hall; (3:00 P. M.) program in Court of Peace, with addresses by Grover A. Whalen, Mayor Charles H. Martens of East Orange, Mayor Bernard M. Deghan of West Orange, President E. Morgan Barradale, Village of South Orange; Milo S. Bordon, chairman of Township of Maplewood; Schuyler G. Harrison, president of Oranges and Maplewood Chamber of Commerce; Leonard Dreyfus, master of ceremonies; P. E. Shaddlot and A. E. Williamson.

1:00 P. M. – Concert by Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada) Girls Pipe Band. Court of Peace

2:15 P. M. – Little Theatre Film Program: "The City"; (3:00 P. M.) "Let My People Live," "They Live Again" and "Heart Disease"; (4:00 P. M.) "Children at School" and "Housing Problems"; (5:00 P. M.) "The Plow That Broke the Plains"; (5:30 P. M.) "The River"; (6:00 P. M.) "Men of the Alps"; (6:30 P. M. and 7:15 P. M.) "The City." Science and Education Building.

3:00 P. M. – Hobo Fellowship Day; Assembly in Field of Special Events, with address by Ralph E. Dalton; variety show by "ex-hobo" actors and entertainers; presentation of diplomas. Field of Special Events.

4:00 P. M. – Concert by Agricultural and Industrial State College Concert Singers of Nashville, Tenn. Equitable Gardens.

6:00 P. M. – Twilight-hour concert by Choir of First Italian Baptist Church of Silver Lake, N. J.; address by the Rev. George C. McIernan, Wyckoff Baptist Church of Brooklyn. Temple of Religion.

6:00 P. M. – Concert by the Trytons, official World’s Fair Band. Washington Statue.

8:00 P. M. – Inter-American Escadrille Day: Dinner for good-will fliers representing American republics headed by Commander Alfredo de los Rios and young women representing North, South and Central American countries. National Advisory Committees Building.

9:30 P. M. – "From Clay to Steel," symphony of water, light and music by the Trytons. Lagoon of Nations.

10:15 P. M. – Display of fireworks synchronized with play of fountains and searchlights on Fountain Lake. Amusement Area.

Seeing as I know a guy who is active in the Dignity Village homeless camp here in Portland, that Hobo Fellowship event got me interested. I went to the following day’s paper to see if there was a follow-up story.

New York Times, Tuesday, July 25, 1939

That Is Their Name for World of Tomorrow, He Declares

Another departure in the World of Tomorrow appeared yesterday in the prologue to the New day, the World’s Fair, when a group of hoboes entered the exposition – free of course – and announced that they were no longer going to be hoboes. Henceforth, they intend to be known, collectively, as "The Forgotten Men."

The hobo of tomorrow is typified by Ralph E. Dalton, hobo organizer extraordinary, who is leader of the forgotten-man movement. Ralph, as he is known far and wide, achieved the comparative security of a WPA job some time ago. He has continued his calling of organizing "the boys" for one thing or another, but now he feels the time has come for a change.

It seems that most of the hoboes have jobs ("President Roosevelt has been too good to them – put them to work," said Dalton), so they aren’t really hoboes now. And after many years of experience the want to change their name anyway, Ralph explained. So they’re to be the Forgotten Men of the World of Tomorrow.

Their visit was on the official program: Hobo Fellowship Day. The Hobo Fellowship is an organization of ex-hoboes earning more than $500 a year. Dalton is their self-appointed president. They were going to have another hobo college commencement, but it was not held. Some thought it would be at the Hall of Special Events. Others at the Field of Special Events. They are about a mile apart. And there are many interesting exhibits between them. The hoboes scattered.

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Poster: Spuzz Date: Jul 24, 2004 8:37am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: 64 Years Ago Today at the World's Fair (LONG POST)


Thanks for all of this, and your wonderful insights during the past week about the fair. It's why I created the list in the first place, to rightfully recognize stuff in the archive and create a forum for people to talk about it. This week was fun fun fun... Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, The world's fair will be brought up again!! :)


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Poster: ridetheory Date: Jul 24, 2004 8:57am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: 64 Years Ago Today at the World's Fair (LONG POST)

If it will make you happy, I can bring it up completely out of context next week.